Name: Garr


Species: Wolf-dog/"Not-a-Dragon"

Hair: Long dark brown hair and goatie beard.

Fur: Grey fur, light underbelly. White tail-tip

Eyes: Brown

Appearance: Digigrade paws. Oftern wears a black leather collor. Has tattoos on both arms; personal sigil on left shoulder, A coiled dragon around right bicep and stylised curled up wolf on the right shoulder (Tattoo referance).

Personality keywords: Philosopical, Adventurous, Curious, Artistic.

Likes: Coffee, Wine, Vodka, Travelling, Reading.

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Name: (For the sake of simplicity, a.k.a."'Raf'")

Species: Raven (Anthromorphic manifestation of phsycological construct/Personal deamon)

Hair: N/a

Feathers: Black

Eyes: None

Appearance: Bandages wrapped around eyes and drapped around his body. Usually non-morphic, with 'articulated plumage' (i.e. like Zazu in "The Lion King"); Uasually carries a wooden walking staff.

Personality keywords: Cynical, Puckish, 'a bit of a know-it-all'

Likes: Coffee, Gin, Driving (I'm not sure how this came about, people just keep drawing him driving or in charge of some vehicle)

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